Blood Knight Aelavelther Solessik Sha'avel

Name Edit

Blood Knight Aelavelther Solessik Sha'avel

(translation: Armoured knight with sword who is descended from the mighty elves of the Sun sword)

Physical Traits Edit

Standing just less than 6 feet tall and being slight of build, Aelavelther looks to be typical Sin'Dorei. His face is tall and narrow with delicate features indicating his youth at only 200 years old. He has an alert look upon his face, like a panther stalking its prey. He wears a circlet around his forehead forged of platinum and gold bearing the symbol of a blazing sun behind an upturned sword (the crest of his family Sha'avel - translated into Sunsword). Despite appearances to the contrary (caused by game images and equipment), he is always dressed in and wields Sin'Dorei arms and armour.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf

Guild Edit

Aelavelther is currently not a member of a guild (though he is seeking an active role-playing guild run by horde mains)

Occupation Edit

Before the Third War, Aelvelther had no occupation as he was a member of one of the noble families. With the destruction of Quel'Thalas and Silvermoon by Arthas the betrayer, Aelvelther was ripped from contentment and thrust into a personal battle which has not ended these five years later. He is a swordsman and as soon as he managed to bend the Light by force of his will he became a paladin.


All direct members of the Sha'avel family were slain during the destruction of Silvermoon by Arthas the betrayer.

Background Edit

Aelavelther was a soldier who fought with his brethren during the Third War. He was there when Arthas the betrayer laid waste to Quel'Thalas and Silvermoon. His entire family was amongst those who fell during these attacks - he is the last in the line of Sha'avel (Sunsword). The five years that has passed since this atrocity was committed, Aelavelther has been working tirelessly to return the Sin'Dorei to Quel'Thalas and Silvermoon. He was amongst the first who returned to the city of Silvermoon and despite being the last of a noble line he has shown no interest in taking up a position of power within the city. He is driven instead to see that the plans to reunite the race and return Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider to his rightful place in Azeroth so that the Blood Elves can rid themselves of the need to form alliances with other races.

Family Background Edit

The Sha'avel (Sun sword) family had a long history of doing mighty deeds for the high elves. Their home in Silvermoon was a marvel to behold, being wrought by magic from pure white marble with ruby red crystals for windows. Their library held tomes dating back to the foundation of their race and the family was considered to be somewhat powerful in the royal court. This was all brought to a quick end and now Aelavelther has but his name and circlet to remind him of his family.

Personal Notes Edit

The player behind Aelavelther is 40 years of age (yes that old). He has a full-time job and other things outside of WoW which need attending to. He is a full-time role player whilst in WoW and never speaks OOC apart from in whispers, party, raid or the appropriate guild chat channel. I have a few hours time each weekday evening to play WoW and as much as I can get away with at the weekend - I do have to attend to such mundane things as cooking, cleaning and so on sometime though.

Current Status Edit

Serving as a Blood Knight.

Aelavelther is having a hard time accepting the assistance of the other races of the horde as allies. He does not fully trust their motives and suspects that their greater numbers could mean that the Blood Elf race is in great danger of losing their independence.

Until recently, Aelavelther was a member of The Magisterial Guard. His IC reason for leaving it was him not being content with the dull life of a guardsman.

More information (in game stats) about my character is published here [1]