Adellia Morst (Maiden name Grimshore)

Physical TraitsEdit

Adellia is a small and somewhat slender young woman. Her hair is a light chestnut brown that gently falls to rest upon her shoulders, her eyes mimicing the colour of her hair. She is always wearing her armour and a worn battle hammer with the words 'light be with you' carved into the wood of its handle. Her face is always one of comfort and mostly holds a loving smile.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, Paladin


Knights of Severket


Mother- Sian: A human baker who lives in Theramoore with her husband. Is a kind and compassionate woman who cares greatly for her family.

Father- David : A human Paladin who is currently in Northrend. A strict man who is devout to the teachings of the Light. Loving and caring he will sacrifice much for the bettering of people's lives.

Brother-Mark  :A human warrior, lives with his family in Southshore. (Has a wife and two children)

Sister-Kathleen: Death due to plague, is rumoured that she has become one of the Forsaken.

George- Brother in Law: A human mage. The widower of her sister, lives between Theramoore and Dalaran with his daughter. Has since re-married.

Siale-Niece: A human mage, was raised for the first year after loosing her mother by Adellia due to her Fathers decent into Alcoholism.

Husband: Marcus- Human warrior.

She has three daughters and one son.


Adellia was born into a loving,well off family in Lordaeron and was the youngest of three children. Growing up she would listen to the talk and teachings of the Light through her Father, a Paladin himself. Although her Fathers trainings had been on his only son she loved to sit with them. When her brother decided not to become a Paladin, their Father, although dissapointed accepted her request to be trained instead, despite her gender. Training her as any other Paladin would train Adellia struggled at first but eventually came through. At the suitale age her Father filed to have her accepted into the Order. Leaving for the city the pair missed the plague that spread rapidly through their Town and estates. Devestated her Father rushed home to find their family but did not return to get her. Assuming the worst she left the safety of the city to a small refugee camp on the outskirts of the city in the hopes of finding her family. Here she came across her childhood Sweetheart, Marcus Morst aswell as her Father, who, in the grief of loosing his eldest daughter to the plague and unable to find his wife and son(who had fled to Stormwind with others) had set about to seek for those responsible. Ordering Adellia to stay in the refugee area where it was safe he left her in charge of her elder sisters 5 year old daughter who had thankfully escaped. She remained in the camp with her niece until the plague and the scourge worsened, causing the refugee camp to flee towards the coast. Here she found George, her Niece's father who had also been in the city when his wife had passed away. Finding her Father there too she fled to Theramoore with the other Survivors. On a boat seperate to her Father and Niece, Adellia turned for comfort from Marcus, the two falling in love on the long Voyage over to Kalimdor. Married as soon as they were able to Adellia put her Paladin duties on hold for a few years while she raised their young children, aiding mostly in the healing of the sick and injured until the day she can avenge her family.

Criminal RecordEdit

None to date.