The "Ultamatie Warrior program" was Arthas's pet project for a better army. undead where fine in destroying and acting as fodder but lacked the abilaty to follow more complicated orders or become an efficent bodyguard

This porject took humans and made them highly resistant to damage, powerfull spell casters and the abilaty to act independently or as a unit. this made them the ultamite lone opratives.

Arthas's plan was to create enough of these to have a larger army the beauty of this plan was that they could infiltrate a settelmen,castle or city and weaken its defences from the inside Thus making it easier to destroy. The project was mantained as a "Second wave" force only to be used after Arthas was defeted and had raised a large enough army to take the world on. The weird experiments used on the humans where sound they succeded in creating one and wiping his memoryies. but when they told him his name it triggered a realase of some of them . Arthas had failed to predict that if he had used an infant then he might have been sucsessful rather than a man. Mitchell cinner burning with a hate for arthas and his minions broke free killing the apothicarys and zombies on his way out of Straholme deeming himself a Failure in Arthas's eyes.